Aitomatic Predictive Maintenance

Reduce Unplanned Downtime Today

Aitomatic Predictive Maintenance SaaS solution combines your team's Domain Expertise with Machine Learning to identify and inform equipment faults weeks in advance. Start immediately even with little to no data and get ROI within weeks, not years.

ROI Within Weeks, Not years.

Know in advance. Cut unplanned downtime

Aitomatic AI provides actionable fault prediction and helps field technicians understand the nature of these faults. Act fast and confidently to decrease disruptions and cut down on costs.

Specify the nature of mechanical faults
Actionable faults prediction, not just anomaly detection.
Factory at highest operation rate
Aitomatic Fault Prediction template

Start immediately, works with little to no data

Aitomatic end-to-end Fault Prediction application template is proven from other successful use cases. You can get started right away with minimal data.

End-to-End Fault Prediction application template
Encode human expertise into models useable in AI system

Adaptable to multiple equipment lines

Aitomatic AIFlow™ is flexible and adaptable for different equipment lines, making it easy to scale your AI system as new equipment fleets come in.

Flexible AI workflow
Automated equipment fleet
A team of experts maintaining the system

Leverage and scale your workforce

Capture your team's expertise and experience into an automated AI system. Let them focus on harder problems while the AI system solves commonly occurring problems.

Leverage the human knowledge: Encode mechanical human expertise into models useable in AI system

Easy to setup

Easy to setup

Little infrastructure overhead

Complimentary to your existing tools

Enterprise-Ready Across Industries

Industry: Manufacturing


Industry: Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Industry: Pharmaceutical


Industry: Consumer Devices

Consumer Devices

Industry: Commercial Equipment

Commercial Equipment

Industry: Commercial Building

Commercial Building

Industry: HVAC/Cold Chain

HVAC/Cold Chain

Industry: Automative


Industry: Avionics


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