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AI Engineering

The world is in high demand of AI Engineers

AI Engineer is the budding discipline concerned with the qualitative and quantitative design, construction, and operation of systems with artificial-intelligence capabilities.

If you like to solve complex puzzles, architect automation systems, and have a creative and flexible mind then you just might be an AI Engineer!

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Why intern at Aitomatic?

Aitomatic is the world's only AI-Engineering software provider for industrial leaders. Our knowledge-first approach empowers AI teams to leverage available domain expertise to rapidly develop AI systems—even when data and labels are lacking.

As an intern at Aitomatic, you will:

  • Be a part of an innovative team in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • Work with veteran developers to implement novel AI solutions and solve real-world AI engineering problems.
  • Pioneer groundbreaking research into industrial AI.
  • Develop the skills and experience essential to craft complete, real-world-ready AI systems.
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Benefits of working with Aitomatic


Getting to work is as simple as rolling out of bed. No matter where you are, learn and make an impact as an AI Engineer.

Fast Growth

Be immersed in every aspect of the company, and learn how to build a successful start-up.

Win-win Culture

At Aitomatic, everyone has a voice, and every win is a team effort. Our team comes together to make our ideas a reality.