Knowledge-First App Engine

for Industrial AI

Short on data & labels?
Win with domain expertise. Now.

Aitomatic AI App Engine lays on top of all AI data engines (eg. Databricks, Cognite, Kubeflow, etc...).

K1st AppBuilder

Build & combine Knowledge and ML models. Deploy complete AI applications from our powerful K1st-AI environment. For data science and software engineering teams of any size.

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K1st CloudServer

Deploy & manage your K1st-AI apps on the multi-cloud K1st CloudServer. It auto-scales computing resources to meet demands.

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K1st EdgeServer

Power your K1st-AI edge apps with K1st EdgeServer, optimized to run on edge-computing stacks from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, to Qualcomm & Nvidia.

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K1st AppClient

Have users reach your K1st-AI apps on any client devices with K1st AppClients' comprehensive SDKs for web and mobile.

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Encode Domain Expertise.
Combine ML.
Automate Everything.
Get Product to Market. Today.