Newsroom: Aitomatic Spearheads AI Revolution in $25T Industrial Economy, Releases OpenSSA as Inaugural Member of AI Alliance with IBM & Meta

Aitomatic announces its role as an inaugural member of the AI Alliance with IBM and Meta. Aitomatic's OpenSSA shaping the future of Industrial AI, advancing the $25T Industrial Economy.

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In this article

PALO ALTO, CA, Dec 5th 2023 — In a landmark initiative poised to transform the $25 trillion industrial economy, Aitomatic announces its role as an inaugural member of the AI Alliance with IBM and Meta. The company is launching OpenSSA (Small Specialist Agents), a pioneering move to open-source its advanced industrial AI technology. This step underscores Aitomatic's leadership in industrial AI innovation and marks a commitment to fostering collaborative development in this dynamic sector.

OpenSSA revolutionizes industrial AI with its unique architecture: 'Small' signifies lean, efficient models; 'Specialist' denotes domain-specific expertise for precise industrial applications; and 'Agent' reflects its role in a larger Level-2 AI system, enhancing long-range planning and deliberative reasoning. This integration of compact efficiency, specialized knowledge, and advanced system synergy sets OpenSSA apart as a groundbreaking solution in AI technology.

Aitomatic's OpenSSA launch, coinciding with the upcoming Schumer AI Forum’s focus on copyright and IP, underscores the strategic value of open-source for robust IP retention and AI independence in industry. Leveraging open-source models, OpenSSA ensures industrial companies maintain control over their domain-specific IP, enabling secure, unrestricted AI deployment, crucial for edge technology.

Dr. Christopher Nguyen, CEO of Aitomatic, emphasizes: “AI independence is vital for industrial companies, focusing on specialized domain expertise as key to competitiveness. Open-source foundations, driven by the AI Alliance, are essential for seamless model deployment at the computing edge. Aitomatic and our partners are eager to both contribute to and benefit from the transformative impact of the global AI Alliance.”

“I am thrilled to collaborate with Aitomatic in the AI Alliance. Our commitment to supporting open science and open innovation in AI is reinforced by Aitomatic’s strong leadership in the industrial sector. They bring a unique perspective and invaluable Industrial-AI insights to the Alliance, significantly contributing to our efforts for open innovation in the industrial economy,” said Alexy Khrabrov, Open-Source Science Director, IBM.

Masanori Tanaka, President & CEO of ITOCHU Techno-Solutions America, said, "Our focus on IP creation aligns with our partnership with Aitomatic. OpenSSA enables us to uniquely develop and retain IP, enhancing our competitive edge. We're excited about advancing industrial AI solutions together."

Kenji Takagi of Fenrir Inc. stated, "Our collaboration with Aitomatic, utilizing their OpenSSA technology, is pivotal in creating user-centric Industrial AI solutions. This partnership is key to delivering customized solutions that meet our customers' specific needs, driving efficiency and innovation in the industry."

Dr. Phong Nguyen, FPT Software's Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, shared, “As part of our relentless pursuit of innovation, we are committed to our partnership with Aitomatic to help deliver top-tier industrial-AI solutions with OpenSSA”.

Nick Clegg, President, Global Affairs of Meta said, “We believe it’s better when AI is developed openly – more people can access the benefits, build innovative products and work on safety … We’re looking forward to working with partners to advance the state-of-the-art in AI and help everyone build responsibly.”

Hung Bui, CEO of VinAI, commented, “At our AI Day on December 6th, I'm looking forward to discussing with Sam Altman how OpenAI’s foundational mission dovetails with open-source AI projects today. Aitomatic's OpenSSA is a prime example, reflecting a commitment to AI that's beneficial and accessible. It's initiatives like these that truly embody the spirit of advancing AI for the greater good.”

James Cham, Partner at Bloomberg Beta, said, “Aitomatic's leadership in Industrial-AI, especially with their OpenSSA initiative, is precisely why we're fully committed to their vision. They're not just advancing technology; they're transforming industry practices. We're actively engaged and excited about the future they’re building.”

Joseph Jacks of OSS Capital remarked, “Aitomatic's dedication to open-source with OpenSSA isn't just admirable, it's pivotal for the future of AI. Their approach isn't just creating technology; it's fostering an ecosystem where innovation thrives. This is exactly the kind of progress we champion at OSS Capital.”

OpenSSA underscores Aitomatic's commitment to spearheading open innovation in industrial AI, as an inaugural member of the AI Alliance. This marks a watershed moment for adaptable, specialist industrial AI solutions that deliver efficiency, safety and competitiveness—ultimately realizing the vision for a smarter, more interconnected industrial future where open-source Industrial AI serves as the cornerstone of continued innovation and independence.

About Aitomatic

Based in Silicon Valley, Aitomatic leads in Industrial Generative-AI, innovating how industries utilize AI. Dr. Christopher Nguyen, with his rich background from Google and Panasonic, guides Aitomatic in advancing its primary OpenSSA-based products: aiKO for agent creation and aiVA for industrial application. These systems expertly turn complex industrial knowledge into precise AI agents, tackling diverse challenges. Aitomatic’s strong industrial ties have made it a sought-after AI partner for enterprises worldwide.

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Alexandra Nguyen

About the AI Alliance

The AI Alliance is a group of leading organizations across industry, startup, academia, research and government coming together to support open innovation and open science in AI. The AI Alliance is action-oriented and decidedly international, designed to create opportunities everywhere through a diverse range of institutions that can shape the evolution of AI in ways that better reflect the needs and complexity of our societies. Co-launched by IBM and Meta, inaugural members include Aitomatic, LlamaIndex, LangChain, and the Linux Foundation.


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