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Meet aiVA

The Industrial AI Virtual Advisor that's grounded in your organization's domain-specific knowledge and best practices.


Make informed decision faster

Grounded in domain-specific knowledge that uniquely belongs to your organization and industry best practices, aiVA provides actionable and reliable recommendations to help you move faster. It's like having an expert with 30 years of experience in the field with you.

Productivity/Scale/Ease of Use

Easily access high value information

aiVA connects to various knowledge hubs like your databases, search engines, manuals, documents, and diagrams. It can be a source of truth to fact-check, understand complex problems, and ask questions in real time.

Industrial grade

Safe and reliable

aiVA has built-in features and industry-specific best practices to help you ensure human safety and avoid hazards in industrial environment.

Ease of use

Easy to use

Get going immediately with aiVA's intuitive and straightforward chat interface. No learning curve, 10x productivity.

Ease of use, no disruption

Industrial AI powerhouse to your workflow

aiVA is designed to complement your team's existing workflow and tools with robust APIs.


What is aiVA?
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How do you develop and train the models?

Supercharge your business with aiVA today.