Knowledge-First App Engine

for Industrial AI

Digital AI has failed
in your Physical world.

Proven At-Scale With Industrial AI Leaders



November 15-17. Stanford, California

How can industrial orgs build powerful capabilities?

“... Leveraging their existing domain expertise is the key ...

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing Knowledge-First AI?

“... there is a cultural barrier in Silicon Valley ...

How is K1st ML different from expert systems?

“... we combine domain expertise with ML ...

How do you deal with automotive cyber attacks?

“... incorporate physical elements and human experience ...

Why do you turn human knowledge into ML?

“... in the physical industries there are not enough data and labels for ML ...

Who Needs K1st ML?

“...everyone in the physical industries knows that machine learning alone fails at these problems ...

What Makes Digital AI Fail?

“... there is simply not enough data for machine learning alone to solve problems of physical industries ...

What is the role of physics in Industrial AI?

“... software engineering plus machine learning plus a physical intuition for are absolutely necessary ...

Example: Anomaly Detection is
not Predictive Maintenance.

Domain expertise is
your predictive superpower.

Automate it to win.


Translate domain expertise.
Combine ML.
Automate everything.

Get to market. Fast.

Aitomatic Knowledge-First AI App Engine

K1st Build

Translate knowledge & combine ML models. Deploy complete AI applications from our powerful K1st-AI environment. For data science and software engineering teams of any size.

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K1st Execute

Deploy & manage your K1st-AI apps on the multi-cloud K1st CloudServer. It auto-scales computing resources to meet demands.

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K1st Distribute

Power your K1st-AI edge apps with K1st EdgeServer, optimized to run on edge-computing stacks from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, to Qualcomm & Nvidia.

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K1st Touch

Have users reach your K1st-AI apps on any client devices with K1st AppClients' comprehensive SDKs for web and mobile.

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About Aitomatic

Aitomatic is the world’s only Knowledge-First App Engine for Industrial AI. We help companies automatically translate their domain expertise, combine it with machine learning, and automate everything on a single SaaS platform.

Led by Google, Amazon and Apple veterans—with 100 person-years Panasonic Industrial-AI experience—we bring a unique combination of AI tech and deep understanding of your challenges.

We're the team named FastCompany’s Top-10 Most Innovative. We create and maintain the open source project Human-First AI.

Translate Domain Expertise.
Combine ML.
Automate Everything.
Get to Market. Today.