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Aitomatic Industrial AI App Engine

AI AppBuilder

Build, test, and deploy your complete AI applications on Aitomatic’s powerful AI-engineering development environment. For collaborative data science and software engineering teams of any size.

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AI CloudServer

Deploy and execute your AI apps on the multi-cloud AI CloudServer, which auto-scales and optimizes computing resources to meet demands.

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AI EdgeServer

Power your edge AI apps with AI EdgeServer, optimized to run on edge-computing stacks from Arduino/Raspberry Pi to Qualcomm/Nvidia.

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AI AppClient

Let users reach your AI apps on any client devices with AI AppClients' comprehensive SDKs for web and mobile.

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About Aitomatic

The First Industrial AI App Engine. Built by Aitomatic—a team of world-class AI engineers—data scientists, software engineers and AI researchers—who spent the past five years building & deploying real-world AI apps at a global scale. Led by Google, Amazon and Apple veterans, Aitomatic brings a unique combination of AI-engineering practices and deep business understanding of Industrial-AI challenges.

We're the team that FastCompany named The World's Top-10 Most Innovative in Data Science. We are the creators and maintainers of the open source project Human-First AI.

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