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Aitomatic Spearheads AI Revolution in $25T Industrial Economy, Releases OpenSSA as Inaugural Member of AI Alliance with IBM & Meta

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Introducing aiKO

Unmatched Accuracy
with Agents that
Never Stop Learning

Essential Tools for Industrial Teams Looking to
Capture and Scale Operating Knowledge

Proven At-Scale With Industrial AI Leaders

Real Customers. Real Revenues. Real AI.

Exceptional Accuracy

Aitomatic's patented Knowledge Injection achieves 99% accuracy by leveraging your team's expertise.

Productivity/Scale/Ease of Use


Autonomous Al agents learn and adapt with every user interaction and expert input.

Industrial grade

Full Ownership

Break free from vendor lock-in with full control of your Al agents. Your knowledge, your IP.

Ease of use

Safe, Reliable, Secure

Built-in features and industry-specific best practices ensuring human safety and avoid hazards in industrial environment. Secure deployments ensure data protection and risk mitigation, adhering to industry standards.

Meet aiVA

The Industrial AI Advisor that helps boost your first-time fixed rate.
Powered by Agentic AI, aiVA leverages advanced reasoning and planning
to transform domain-specific knowledge into instant, actionable guidance
for your field engineers and operational teams.

Meet aiKO

The Industrial AI Knowledge Organizer that helps you capture your unique IP.
aiKO transforms your IP, from documents, datasets, and human experts,
into AI agents, equipped with the ability to reason, plan, and execute,
offering tailored solutions within your unique industrial context.


How can aiKO help us in our day-to-day operations?
Can aiKO handle our scattered, unstructured documents?
Is our data secure with aiKO?
We're already using tools like ChatGPT and CoPilot. How is aiKO different?
What ROI can we expect from aiKO?

About Aitomatic

Aitomatic Industrial AI Agents help industrial companies make efficient diagnoses and streamline operations while preserving their valuable domain knowledge.

Led by Panasonic, Google, and Amazon veterans, with 100 years of combined Industrial-AI experience, we bring a unique combination of deep technical and domain understanding of your challenges.

We’re the team named FastCompany’s Top-10 Most Innovative. We are the organizer of Knowledge-First Symposium where leaders from government, industry, and academia discuss the challenges and opportunities of combining human & machine intelligence.

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