Industrial Giant Optimizes Warehouse Energy Consumption in 6 Months

Industries: Electronics, Cold Chain, HVAC

Use Case: Energy Optimization, Smart Warehouse

Currently, the industrial sector consumes over 50% of the world’s total delivered energy. As the global economy expands and geopolitical tensions rise, energy efficiency will become of utmost importance as a cost-effective way to enhance energy security, address climate change, and promote further economic growth.

A global leader in supply chain, electronics, and distribution services, with hundreds of warehouses and distribution centers all over the world, needs a solution to this energy problem.
With such a large footprint, optimizing energy usage could save them millions while meeting ambitious corporate environmental and sustainability targets. However, deploying an intelligent solution tailored to each unique warehouse and environment was challenging.

With Aitomatic, the company found a solution to optimize energy efficiency and savings across warehouses within 6 months.
Time to Completion
90 days
Time to Value
6 months

The Problem

Inefficient Energy Usage

With the industrial sector consuming over 50% of the world's total delivered energy, the need for energy efficiency has become paramount to address climate change, enhance energy security, and promote economic growth. Inefficient energy usage and wastage not only lead to financial implications but also contribute to environmental impact. It is crucial for the company to find effective solutions that can address these challenges and help their subsidiary achieve significant cost savings while promoting environmental responsibility.

With a network of warehouses and distribution centers around the world, the company needed a scalable solution to optimize energy consumption.
The ideal solution would provide real-time decision-making guidance for the managers responsible for energy tuning while accounting for personalized needs. However, the distributed nature of its warehouses presents a significant challenge for the company. Each warehouse is located in a different location with unique characteristics including the local climate, size of the building, number of employees, power requirements, and energy equipment.

How can the company address this challenge and achieve substantial cost savings while promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability?

The Solution

Aitomatic Industrial Virtual Advisor

The aiVA solution provides real-time insights and solution recommendations to field technicians to optimize energy usage and reduce energy consumption in the customer's warehouses and distribution centers. With aiVA, the company’s subsidiary can make knowledge-driven decisions and implement energy-efficient practices that lead to significant savings.

By empowering field technicians with real-time insights and solution recommendations, the aiVA solution enables the company’s subsidiary to enhance their energy efficiency initiatives at the ground level. Field technicians play a crucial role in implementing energy-efficient practices and identifying areas of energy waste within warehouses and distribution centers.

With aiVA, these technicians have access to valuable domain-specific knowledge and expertise, allowing them to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to optimize energy usage. This knowledge-driven approach, supported by aiVA's capabilities, contributes to substantial energy savings, cost reduction, and improved overall energy efficiency throughout the customer's operations.

The Results

Time to Completion
90 days
Time to Value
6 months

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